Bayer    Principal Investigator

A. Mueller-Fahrnow PhD (Anke)

Anke Mueller-Fahrnow studied Biochemistry and received a Ph.D. in Structural Biology from the Free University Berlin, Germany in 1990. She joined Schering AG in 1991 to establish a Structural Biology function within the company. Anke has held different positions within Research at Schering: In 1998, she became Head of Administration, Service & Controlling and in 2003 Head of Computational Design & Compound Characterization.
Currently she is Head of Lead Discovery Berlin within Bayer Healthcare and responsible for Protein Technologies, Structural Biology and for High Throughput Screening in Berlin. Her research activities are mainly focused on Oncology and Gynecological Therapies.

The goal of this project is that kinetic aspects of drug-target interactions can routinely be studied in robust and accessible assays for all main drug target classes within and outside the consortium. 'Kinotypic' knowledge should guide the identification and optimization process of drug candidates in the early phases of drug discovery in the future.

A. Mueller-Fahrnow PhD (Anke) picture

"The joint efforts of this consortium will generate a critical mass"