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Prof. A. IJzerman PhD (Ad)

I studied pharmacy at Utrecht University. In 1979 I graduated with a specialization in pharmaceutical chemistry and one year later I qualified as a pharmacist. Rather than opening a drug store I continued my research education, leading to the defense of my PhD thesis from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam in 1985, on a subject in the area of receptor research. I was appointed assistant, associate and full professor of medicinal chemistry in Leiden in 1985, 1992 and 2000, respectively.

My research interests have always been linked to G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). In particular the molecular mechanisms of drug action and new concepts therein are at the core of my research 'business'. Together with my colleague Dr Laura Heitman I currently have a strong interest in allosteric modulation as well as the kinetics of drug action. One cannot study all (800?) GPCRs at a time, so my main attention is focused on adenosine receptors, but other receptors are equally appreciated. All this has led to a scientific 'output' of over 260 articles, quite a few reviews and book chapters, a dozen or so patents, and some 20 accepted PhD theses.

Duties as a professor include teaching, which I like very much. My hope and dream is that once I will be able to show my students the wonder world of drug - receptor interactions through some sort of 'molecular microscope'. Next to these teaching efforts other 'obligations' are the membership of the editorial boards of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, ChemMedChem, Purinergic Signalling, Chemistry & Biodiversity, Drug Development Research, Molecular Informatics, and Molecules. I happily contribute to the IUPHAR adenosine receptor, GnRH, and nicotinic acid receptor nomenclature committees, and manage(d) quite a number of receptor-related research programs funded by Dutch scientific bodies such as the Top Institute Pharma, and by the European Union (most prominently and recently this 2012-2017 IMI consortium on drug target kinetics).

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