Universität Wien

The University of Vienna encompasses a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, ranging from theology, jurisprudence, economics, computer science, to the humanities and to the social and natural sciences. 91,000 students from 130 countries are currently enrolled at the University which offers more than 135 Bachelor, Master, Diploma and Doctoral programmes. UNIVIE coordinates numerous EU-projects and also several joint degree programmes. The Pharmacoinformatics group, headed by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Ecker, is specialized in the prediction of off-target effects with a focus on transporter and ion channels. Methodologically the group is engaged in non-linear classification algorithms, similarity based descriptors and experimental data guided ligand docking to ABC-transporters. The group is engaged in several research and training initiatives in the field of computational life sciences, such as the university-wide research focus on Computational Sciences and the EUROPIN initiative, a European PhD programme in Pharmacoinformatics. Gerhard Ecker is the Academic Coordinator of the IMI Open PHACTS project and partner in the IMI eTOX and IMI K4DD projects.