K. Beis PhD (Konstantinos)

Dr Beis obtained his PhD from the University of St Andrews in 2005. He then moved to The Scripps Research Institute, California, USA for his post doctoral research (2005-2006). In 2006 he was awarded an RCUK research Fellowship at Imperial College London where he setup his independent research group at the Membrane protein Lab. In 2011 he became a Lecturer at Imperial College London. During his research career, he has solved the crystal structure of several membrane proteins.

During my research career I have been studying the structures of membrane proteins, with the main interest being to utilise these structures to develop novel drugs. The K4DD project is an ideal partnership to use the current structures for the development of new pharmaceuticals with less side effects. In collaboration with Prof Iwata's group we will try solve the structures of human G-coupled receptors with novel compounds in order to understand the recognition and binding mode.

K. Beis PhD (Konstantinos) picture

"I believe that at the end of the K4DD project we will have identified new compounds that can bind to the G-coupled receptors and solved their structures"