‘Binding Kinetics: Time is of the essence’ – a successful and inspiring meeting

In its final month the K4DD consortium gathered for one last time to discuss the importance of drug target binding kinetics in drug discovery. For this final meeting the K4DD consortium opened its doors and invited the scientific community to participate in an open scientific meeting.

The meeting entitled: 'Binding Kinetics: Time is of the essence' attracted over 180 participants from 18 different countries and was hosted by K4DD coordinator Bayer. The meeting was opened by keynote lecturer Piet van der Graaf (Leiden University/Certara QSP), and consisted of 7 different scientific sessions stretched out over 3 days, hosting almost 30 speakers. Seasoned scientists such as Dave Swinney (iRND3), Peter Tonge (Stony Brook University) Rommie Amaro (UC San Diego) and many other distinguished scientists featured the agenda alongside young K4DD fellows such as Wilbert de Witte (Leiden University) and Elena Segala (Heptares). The momentum which the field of binding kinetics currently has, was emphasized by the great attention the meeting attracted from all different types of stakeholders. Having representatives from 11 different major pharma companies, 22 SMEs and over 30 universities stretching over the entire globe from China, the US and Europe further stressed the importance of binding kinetics and public-private partnerships. This final meeting was a great way to conclude the K4DD project.