K4DD research published in Structure

Work from K4DD partner Heptares has resulted in a publication in the high-impact journal Structure. The comprehensive study describes the structure of the Adenosine A1 and A2A receptors with xanthine-based ligands.

The Adenonsine receptors are expressed in many cell types and have been suggested to be good therapeutic targets in treating a wide variety of CNS, cardiovascular, respiratory, and renal disorders. Through comparison of the structures of the A1 and A2A receptors with xanthine-based ligands, the Heptares researchers identified important selectivity determinants for xanthine-based ligands. The identification of the selectivity determinants within the different Adenosine subtypes can be utilized in the design of new subtype-selective antagonist. The article was also selected as an inspiration for the cover of the Journal. Both caffeine and chocolate are well known xanthine like substance, hence the cover design.

Find the Structure article in our updated publication section which also includes the recently published paper of K4DD fellow Lizi Xia in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.