K4DD Scientific Meeting: "Binding kinetics: Time is of the essence"

On 16-18 October, K4DD will organize an open scientific meeting. The meeting will be hosted by K4DD coordinator Bayer in Berlin, Germany.

On the 16th of October, the EU-IMI consortium "Kinetics for Drug Discovery (K4DD)" will organize an open scientific meeting called "Binding kinetics: Time is of the essence" in Berlin. This three-day event will be a landmark of five successful years of the K4DD project.

Share, inspire and look forward
During this meeting we want to share thoughts, inspire each other and look forward. To guide this process, we have a stimulating program with highly renowned speakers such as Piet van der Graaf (Leiden University) and Ron Dror (Stanford University). In various sessions we will discuss assay development, computational approaches and the role of drug-target binding kinetics in drug discovery. We will conclude the sessions by looking back at five years of K4DD.

Join us!
This meeting is open for all scientist with an interest in this field. More information about the programme can be found here.

The K4DD meeting will take place from Monday 16 October till Wednesday 18 October, in Berlin, Germany and will be hosted by K4DD coordinator, Bayer.