Awards for two K4DD fellows at FIGON Dutch Medicines Days  

Beginning of October, Indira Nederpelt and Dong Guo from the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research presented their work at the 16th FIGON Dutch Medicine Days. At the meeting, which was held in Ede, The Netherlands, Dong was awarded the 2nd prize in the FIGON poster competition and the best poster in the section medicinal chemistry of KNCV and Indira was awarded the best oral presentation in...Read more


K4DD featured as cover story “Bound to work better”  

In this week's cover story of the Pharmaceutical Journal K4DD experts explain the ambition of the IMI K4DD consortium. By better understanding drug-target binding kinetics in the future novel medicinal products are "Bound to work better". As the experts explain, to advance understanding of binding kinetics K4DD is taking a holistic multidisciplinary approach to allow quick translation...Read more


K4DD congratulates professor Danhof with royal decoration  

On 23 April, Meindert Danhof, professor of pharmacology at the University of Leiden, one of the K4DD partners, has been appointed as Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion. He received the royal decoration for his research and development of models that have made an important contribution to better predicting the efficacy of medicinal products. K4DD congratulates professor Danhof with this...Read more


Young investigator award for K4DD fellow at International Scientific Symposium  

In February, Indira Nederpelt from the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research presented her work at the 11th International Symposium on GnRH - The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis in Cancer and Reproduction. At the meeting, which was held in Salzburg, Austria, she was awarded the young investigator award for best oral presentation.Read more


3rd K4DD Consortium meeting in Belgium: a great success!  

Thanks to all K4DD consortium members who came and joined us in Beerse (Belgium) from November 24th to 26th for a productive meeting hosted by Janssen Pharmaceutica. The event was very well organized, stimulated scientific discussions and excelled in haute cuisine and good atmosphere. Being well attended, it strengthened the interaction and relationship between consortium members. The...Read more


3rd K4DD consortium meeting at Janssen Pharmaceutica | Beerse (Belgium), November 24th- 26th, 2013  

All K4DD project members will gather in November for the 3rd K4DD consortium meeting in Beerse (Belgium). The meeting will be hosted by Janssen Pharmaceutica and will be preceded by a meeting for all K4DD fellows, starting on Sunday, November 24th in the afternoon.During the meeting there will be an update of all Work Package Leaders and Target Fosters. A social event on Monday evening will...Read more


Successful K4DD consortium meeting held in Basel - June 16-18, 2013  

All the K4DD project members gathered at the 2nd consortium meeting in Basel. The project meeting, which was excellently hosted by Roche, was preceded by a meeting for all K4DD fellows. At this occasion, the PhD students and postdocs were given the opportunity to get acquainted with one another and were informed on the project plan, educational challenges, and other relevant information.At the...Read more