K4DD enters 2017 with the acceptance of another public private publication

K4DD got off to a good start in 2017: we are happy to report the acceptance of another joint public-private research article (Hothersall et al., 2017). Looking back, 2016 was the most successful year so far for the project, with in total 16 K4DD publications. The project maintains it momentum in the new year and is determined to make 2017 - the final year of K4DD - an even bigger success.

In the new publication, Daniel Hothersall from AstraZeneca, together with collaborators from the University of Nottingham and Leiden University, identified the structure-activity relationships of the adenosine A2A receptor and its agonist explaining the slow dissociation kinetics. In addition to this publication, a review by another K4DD fellow, Indira Nederpelt, was recently published in Cell Press Journal, Trends in Neurosciences. Nederpelt discusses how new insights into the kinetic profiles of three neuropeptides and their receptors could improve the understanding of desired drug-target binding kinetics and advance drug discovery for various neurological and psychiatric illnesses. (Nederpelt et al., 2016). Check out Indira's and Daniels publications here.

In the final year of the K4DD project we expect many highlights, amongst them will be the PhD thesis defenses of multiple K4DD fellows. Stay tuned!