K4DD pharmacologists find new ways to predict the duration of drug effects

The selection of new drug candidates can be improved by modeling drug-specific and disease-specific properties. This is the result of research done within the Kinetics of Drug Discovery (K4DD) project and has been published in Elseviers' Trends in Pharmacological Sciences.

K4DD researchers from the Leiden University have presented a mathematical approximation to understand and visualize the effect of drug-target binding kinetics on the duration of target binding. The approximation calculates the duration of a drug effect taking into account two parameters: 1) the rate at which the drug is cleared from the body and 2) the rate of drug-to-target binding and unbinding. In other words, the study demonstrates how the drug concentration in the body and its interaction with the biological target can be analysed together to predict the timespan of the drug effect. These findings can contribute to make better and safer drugs available for patients. Check out the publication here