‘Binding Kinetics: Time is of the essence’ – a successful and inspiring meeting  

In its final month the K4DD consortium gathered for one last time to discuss the importance of drug target binding kinetics in drug discovery. For this final meeting the K4DD consortium opened its doors and invited the scientific community to participate in an open scientific meeting. Read more


K4DD research published in Structure  

Work from K4DD partner Heptares has resulted in a publication in the high-impact journal Structure. The comprehensive study describes the structure of the Adenosine A1 and A2A receptors with xanthine-based ligands. The Adenonsine receptors are expressed in many cell types and have been suggested to be good therapeutic targets in treating a wide variety of CNS, cardiovascular, respiratory, and...Read more


K4DD publishes a comprehensive overview article on Drug-Target binding kinetics  

In a true Public-Private effort, 9 K4DD partners have joined their knowledge and experience to establish a comprehensive overview article of drug Target-Binding Kinetics. The article published in Drug Discovery today can now freely be accessed using the following link.Read more


K4DD project results in first PhD thesis  

Binding interactions between neuropeptides (body’s neural signalling molecules), drugs and their target molecules were the focus of the first PhD thesis defense resulting from IMI’s K4DD project. Idira Nederpelt of Leiden University was the author of the thesis which already resulted in six peer-reviewed publications, with more to come. The thesis has helped expand the toolbox of...Read more


K4DD Scientific Meeting: "Binding kinetics: Time is of the essence"  

On 16-18 October, K4DD will organize an open scientific meeting. The meeting will be hosted by K4DD coordinator Bayer in Berlin, Germany.Read more


K4DD enters 2017 with the acceptance of another public private publication  

K4DD got off to a good start in 2017: we are happy to report the acceptance of another joint public-private research article (Hothersall et al., 2017). Looking back, 2016 was the most successful year so far for the project, with in total 16 K4DD publications. The project maintains it momentum in the new year and is determined to make 2017 - the final year of K4DD - an even bigger success. In...Read more


K4DD pharmacologists find new ways to predict the duration of drug effects  

The selection of new drug candidates can be improved by modeling drug-specific and disease-specific properties. This is the result of research done within the Kinetics of Drug Discovery (K4DD) project and has been published in Elseviers' Trends in Pharmacological Sciences. K4DD researchers from the Leiden University have presented a mathematical approximation to understand and visualize the...Read more